TORCHSEAL - APP Modified Waterproofing Membrane with Nonwoven Polyester Reinforcement


BITUMAT TORCHSEAL is a uniquely formulated prefabricated waterproofing membrane with a special multilayered design for superior pliability, tensile strength, workability and resistance to elements.

The multilayered design consists of a spunbonded polyester core coated on both sides with APP modified bitumen. The polyester core gives the membrane high tensile strength, elongation and superior lap joint strength.

Properly installed, BITUMAT TORCHSEAL forms an impervious, permanently flexible waterproof blanket which accepts normal structural movement without breaking or cracking.


BITUMAT TORCHSEAL membranes are ideal for a wide range of waterproofing applications, including roofs, reservoirs, basements, tunnels and car parks.

BITUMAT TORCHSEAL may be utilized in exposed and covered applications.


Nominal Weight : 3,4 or 5 kg/M2 Nominal Thickness : 3,4 or 5 MM Nominal Roll Size : 1 x 10 Mts.

Robust, isotropic, spunbonded, nonwoven polyester core.


180 gsm non-woven polyester fabric & 60 gsm of glasfiber mat. Other weights available upon request.


BITUMAT TORCHSEAL is available in three basic finishes:

1. Black smooth finish with polyethylene surfaces for covered applications.

2. Coloured granule surfacing for exposed applications.

3. Fine sanded upper surface for coated systems.


In addition to stringent regular tests by BITUMAT laboratory, our products are tested periodically by Independent Laboratories.


BITUMAT TORCHSEAL complies with the performance requirements and tolerance levels of the listed standards. Some of which modified to better suit the various climatic conditions around the world.

1. American Society for Testing and Material ASTM D 6222 Type I.

2. European Union of Technical Agreement (UEAtc)

3. Canadian General Standard Board (CGSB 37-GP 56M - July 1980)

4. EGerman Standard (DIN 52133).


Gas torch, Knife, Trowel, Measuring tape, Marking string, Gloves.


BITUMAT TORCHSEAL is installed by torch welding method, loose-laid or fully bonded to substrate. When loose-laid, only overlaps are bonded together. Peripheres , protrusions and other flashing details are installed according to specifications.


The underside of the membrane should be torched just enough to superficially melt the bitumen. Excessive heating may damage the reinforcement. Overlaps should be re-heated from the top and re-sealed with a trowel to ensure seam integrity

For details of installation methods and flashing requirements, consult the relevant BITUMAT Systems Design and Installation Manual.

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