ELASTIGARD - H - Rubberized Asphalt Roof Coating

BITUMAT ELASTIGARD-H is a superior, quality, liquid, hot applied rubber modified bitumen coating, reinforced with mineral stabilizers, gelling agent and special additives to prevent degradation due to oxidation, ozone and UV. It also has special additives for better adhesion.


The surface must be thoroughly cleaned and should be free of dirt, gravel, dust and oil. The concrete should be dry and smooth. When applying directly over concrete or old, dry, asphalt, prime first a BITUMAT’s primer. When using as a top coat to protect and rejuvenate existing smooth asphalt roofs, first repair all blisters, cracks, split seams and flashings with BITUMAT ELASTIFLASH.

The coating is heated to about 195°C in oil heated jacketed boiler. Overheating or localized heating must be avoided. Keep the molten coating mixed while heating. When used as an adhesive for Premierflex membrane, the membrane is rolled into the hot molten Elastigard-H.


BITUMAT ELASTIGARD-H elastomeric coating is ideal for roofing work where there may be thermal and structural expansion and contraction of the roof membrane, deck or structure due to sudden temperature changes, foundation shifting, deck deflection, absence or working deck expansion joints, etc.

Recommended for maintenance, and repair of existing roofs, construction of new polyester reinforced built-up roofs, cap sheeting over existing roof and waterproofing of concrete walls, floors, bridges or any other surface requiring waterproofing or protection with an elastic, flexible coating.

It is also recommended as a coating / adhesive for the application of Bitumat Premierflex


BITUMAT ELASTIGARD-H is a highly elastic product, and sets to a rubber like membrane capable of withstanding severe cases of expansion, contraction and deck movements.

Highly resistant to oxidation, UV light and ozone because of unique additives used in compounding it.

More durable than normal asphalt coating and lasts longer than most other coatings

Superior wetting and adhesion properties ensure durable bond and resistance to peeling, chipping, and/or separation, a longer life.

Has the unique property of adapting itself over the irregular contours of the deck and forming a waterproofing impervious blanket.

Single component, hot applied. Eliminates the errors of two components and unpredictability of moisture cured single component coatings.


1. Fire - Non-flammable, flash point 200°C. Avoid heating above flash point as it could ignite.

2. Skin - It could cause severe burn when hot. If contact occurs, immediately cool affected area with cold water. It is recommended that a bucket of ice water be kept nearby.

3. Eyes-If contact occurs, immediately cool with cold water, then seek medical attention.

4. Protective clothing- Water heavy leather / cotton gloves, long sleeve shirt, shoe and long trousers, eye goggles and face mask.


Exceeds the performance requirements of ASTM D 4479.


Bitumat was founded in 1984 but its roots go back to 1975 when the founders became involved in the roofing waterproofing industry as dealer and applicator in Saudi Arabia for a major manufacturer from the U.S.A.

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