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The Membership may be terminated by BIRA Club founders / President at any time for violations to member privileges and any other reason deeming removal of member benefits as seen fit by BIRA Club founders.

25th BIRA - November 27-30, 2011

Bitumat is privileged to have some very esteemed members of the engineering community spending some quality time with us. BIRA has always stirred us to perform better and better. We felt that it would be a pity if we are unable to relive and utilize the wonderful moments we have spent together. Hence, the waterproofing club.

We hope to establish contact with each and every one of you who was our delegate. We are very keen to share our growth and success and at the same time keep you updated with what we are doing. BIRA club will give you opportunities to further hone your talent.

24th BIRA - April 13, 2010

“I have attended the BIRA and I found to be one of the best technically gratifying seminar I have ever been a part off.It is great idea to be connected through this water proofing club”

Sabir Emam
Regional Manager
Eastern Province (ABSAR)

“Attending the BIRA Program is not only a great Experience, It also added to my practical knowledge of water proofing tremendously. Being a member of BIRA Club is a great opportunity. I recommend everyone to become a member”

Eng. Mohammad Tajammul Hussain
Managing Director
RIKAM Operation & Maintenance Establishment

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B.I.R.A. Club forum


Bitumat was founded in 1984 but its roots go back to 1975 when the founders became involved in the roofing waterproofing industry as dealer and applicator in Saudi Arabia for a major manufacturer from the U.S.A.

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