BITUCOAT - Bituminous Waterproofing Coating

BITUMAT BITUCOAT is a liquid cold applied waterproofing coating formulated from ductile, high quality asphalt, selected solvents and special additives. It forms a durable waterproofing film that resists the attacks of weather, salt and water


The surface must be thoroughly cleaned free of dust, dirt, debris, grease and oil. The surface must be dry. If applied over concrete, the concrete must be thoroughly cured.

It can be applied by spray, squeegee, brush or rollers.


BITUMAT BITUCOAT is a general purpose waterproofing coating suitable for application to existing roofs, underground concrete foundations or basements. It can also be used on metal roofs, spouts and gutters.


Flammable; contains petroleum distillate. Keep away from open fire, sparks or other ignition sources. Wear protective clothing, gloves and goggles.

1. Fire - Flammable when wet, flash point 40 °C.

2. Skin - Avoid repeated or prolonged contact; if contact occurs, remove with hand cleaner that removes oil or grease; then clean with soap and water.

3.Eyes - Contact could cause irritation. If contact occurs, flush with clean water.

4. Inhalation - Can cause dizziness. Remove to fresh air and if breathing difficulty persists administer oxygen.


Bitumat was founded in 1984 but its roots go back to 1975 when the founders became involved in the roofing waterproofing industry as dealer and applicator in Saudi Arabia for a major manufacturer from the U.S.A.

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Bitumat believes in quality that is not only the best, but also consistent.

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