AQUASHIELD LX-HD - Heavy Duty Rubber Latex Emulsion

BITUMAT AQUASHIELD LX-HD rubberised bitumen coating is a highly adhesive, brush or squeegee applied, modified bitumen waterproof coating and adhesive. Thixotrophic and cold applied, it is specially formulated to provide high resistance to the passage of water vapour and to re-emulsification when in long term contact with water. It cures to a tough but elastic seamless membrane.

BITUMAT AQUASHIELD LX-HD bonds tenaciously to most substrates including concrete, brick, bitumen & mastic asphalt membranes, asbestos,cement, slates, tiles, etc.


General damp-proofing & vapour barrier. For tanking and waterproofing structures including walls and floors.

Insulation board adhesive: For bonding boards and slabs made from insulants such as expanded polystyrene, fibreboard, cork, etc. Used to bond and lay wood block, cork, asbestos, asphalt tiles. Not suitable for plasticized flexible rubber and vinyl tiles sheet.

Preparation for plastering: Used to provide a key for plaster to difficult surfaces (eg. gloss paint and tiles).

For maintenance of many types of roofs.



Thoroughly clean all surfaces to be coated with BITUMATAQUASHIELD LX-HD,

Repair damaged or cracked substrate

Prepare porous surfaces by priming BITUMAT AQUASHIELD LX-HD diluted 50:50 with water; Treat friable surface with BITUPRIME.

Allow to dry before application of coating.

StirAQUASHIELD LX-HD well before use.


Store BITUMAT AQUASHIELD LX-HD under cover, at temperatures between 5°C and 40°C. Storage must be frost free.


General damp-proofing & vapour barrier. As a general waterproofing for vertical and horizontal application.

a.) Prepare surfaces as indicated earlier

b.) Apply in two coats. The first at the rate of 1.0 lit. per Allow to dry before applying the second coat which should be at right angle to the first at the same rate.

c.) Use only a damp-proof membrane in sandwich construction. Apply as above, blinding the wet second coat with clean, sharp sand before applying a minimum of 50mm sand cement screed surface. Integrate the liquid membrane into the damp-proof course system.

d.) If AQUASHIELD LX-HD is to be left exposed to sunlight for any length of time, the wet second coat must be blinded with clean sharp sand.

2. As an adhesive for wood blocks 8 mosaics. a.) In damp conditions prepare floor by applying as detailed above, thus first providing a damp-proof membrane.

b.) Ensure that the screed surface is perfectly level, cured and dry.

c.) Clean and dampen screed surface. Then dip the underside of the wood blocks into the AQUASHIELD LX-HD, coating up to half the height of the block. Then press the block firmly into place forcing out entrapped air.

d.) Keep tools in water during use. Clean with water when wet and with white spirit when dry

3. As an adhesive for insulation and tiles.

a.) For damp surfaces prepare as detailed above

b.) Ensure surfaces are smooth, dean and lightly dampened.

c.) Allow both surfaces to be bonded with AQUASHIELD LX-HD at the rate of 1 .0 kg per

d.) Allow to become tacky before pressing firmly together. It may be necessary to hold the material in place until sufficient adhesive strength is developed.

4. To provide a key to difficult surfaces

Gloss paint and old tiles may require special preparation to accept plaster.

a.) Thoroughly clean surfaces to be treated

b.) Apply two coats of AQUASHIELD LX-HD at the rate of 1.0 litre per sq.m., the first coat being allowed to dry out before application of the second. This is then allowed to go tacky before blinding the surface with clean sand.

d.) The use of light weight plaster is recommended. Plaster in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.


20-Kg and 200-Kg containers.


a. Fire - Non flammable when wet.

b. Skin - Avoid repeated or prolonged skin contact. Remove with water when wet, or with a hand cleaner when dry

c. Eyes - No special precautions necessary. But if eyes become contaminated, irrigate them with copious amount of clean water and seek medical assistance immediately.


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