POLYMAT® Roof -R - Polymeric Roofing membranes of PVC‐P compound, Non‐UV‐resistant for application at inverted and covered roof systems.


POLYMAT Roof ‐R is a polymeric membrane made from a long‐term proven PVC‐P compound in a most modern Co‐Extrusion process. It is reinforced by a 90g/m2 Polyester scrim for providing high tear strength and ensuring dimensional stability.


• Ballasted roofing systems and Roof Gardens (Green Roofs)

• System membrane in inverted roofs, using a separation layer (i.e. polypropylene fleece 120 g/m²), where adjoining surfaces have surfaces have incompatible chemical properties (e.g. extruded and expanded polystyrene boards, bituminous surfaces)

• For ease of detail works (i.e. flashings, joints) use high UV resistant & fire retardant POLYMAT Roof UV‐HM (homogenous) and for UV‐exposed upstands and connected UV exposed surfaces POLYMAT Roof UV‐R (reinforced).


Bitumat was founded in 1984 but its roots go back to 1975 when the founders became involved in the roofing waterproofing industry as dealer and applicator in Saudi Arabia for a major manufacturer from the U.S.A.

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