POLYBOND - Oxidized Bitumen Membrane with Nonwoven Polyester Reinforcement


BITUMAT POLYBOND waterproofing membrane consists of a nonwoven polyester reinforcement, impregnated and coated on both sides with oxidized bitumen. Properly installed, BITUMAT POLYBOND forms an impervious waterproofing blanket which accepts normal structural movement without breaking or cracking.


BITUMAT PREMIERFLEX-4000 is a general purpose waterproofing membrane and is excellent in multi-layer or single layer roofing system. When surfaced with granular slate, BITUMAT PREMIERFLEX-4000 is ideal as an exposed top layer. Also ideal for underground waterproofing systems. When superior performance is required, BITUMAT PREMIERFLEX-4000 is the answer, especially in extreme cold climates.


BITUMAT POLYBOND is installed by torch welding method, loose-laid or fully bonded to substrate. When loose-laid, only laps are bonded together. Peripheries and protrusions are sealed according to specifications.


The underside of the membrane should be torched just enough to superficially melt the bitumen. Excessive heating may damage the reinforcement. Overlaps should be reheated from the top and resealed with a trowel to ensure seam integrity.

For details of installation methods and flashing requirements, consult the relevant BITUMAT Systems Design and Installation Manual.


Bitumat was founded in 1984 but its roots go back to 1975 when the founders became involved in the roofing waterproofing industry as dealer and applicator in Saudi Arabia for a major manufacturer from the U.S.A.

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