POLYFLAME - Garden (I-II) APP Root Resistant Waterproofing Membrane


BITUMAT APP root resistant waterproofing reinforced membranes are produced from a blend of special polypropylene thermoplastic polymers, distilled bitumen and selected additives. This combination gives the proven waterproofing qualities of bitumen combined plasticity, excellent resistance to heat aging protect against root penetration, weathering and ease of application by torch welding.

BITUMAT Saudi-made membranes offer total impermeability to water, outstanding bondability and seam integrity, easy repair and maintenance and the possibility of a wide range of decorative finishes for exposed applications.


POLYFLAME GARDEN is a range of modified bitumen membranes with a reinforcement of 180-200 gsm nonwoven, polyester which provides suppleness and flexibility to compliment the plastomeric qualities of the bitumen blend at both high and low temperatures. The polyester fabric is rot proof and extremely robust with certain isotropic qualities. Other weights of polyester are available on request.


POLYFLAME GARDEN is a special membrane, excellent for roofing systems, flower boxes or wherever anti root penetration properties are required. When surfaced with factory applied coloured slate granules, POLYFLAME GARDEN is ideal as an exposed top layer


Polyflame Garden I - 3 mm black finish Polyflame Garden II - 4 mm granule finish


In addition to stringent regular tests by BITUMAT laboratory, periodic visits and Quality Control tests are performed by : SOCOTEC, Paris, France MASENCO, Hurst, Texas, U.SA.


POLYFLAME GARDEN complies with the requirements and tolerance levels of UEAtc (European Union of Technical Agreement) MOAT 27-1983 and MOAT 30-1984 and CGSB (Canadian General Standards Board) 37-GP56M-July 1980.


Gas torch, Knife, Trowel, Measuring tape, Marking string, Gloves.


POLYFLAME GARDEN is installed by torch welding method, loose-laid or fully bonded to substrate. When loose-laid, only laps are bonded together. Peripheries and protrusions are sealed according to specifications.


The underside of the membrane should be torched just enough to superficially melt the bitumen. Excessive heating may damage the reinforcement. Overlaps should be reheated from the top and resealed with a trowel to ensure seam integrity

For details of installation methods and flashing requirements, consult the relevant Bitumat Design and Installation Manual.

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