BITUFLEX HP - 200 - Semiflexible Protection Sheet


Bituflex HP 200 Protection Sheet is a uniquely formulated, prefabricated protection sheet with a special multi-layered design for superior pliability, tensile strength, puncture resistance and resistance to elements of the soil. The multi-layered design consists of a non woven polyester mat core coated on both sides with modified bitumen. The heavy duty polyester mat core gives the Sheet high tensile strength, elongation. Properly installed Bituflex HP - 200 protection Sheets forms an impervious, tough protection for shielding the Waterproofing systems against physical damage. It remains pliable enough to withstand normal substrate movement.


To protect the waterproofing systems against damage during construction activities & backfilling


Bituflex HP 200 Protection Sheets are ideal as a protection Sheet to protect delicate and thin waterproofing systems that may be on roofs, reservoirs, basements, tunnels and car parks. Due to its superior mechanical properties, it protects from the damage that can be caused normally specified backfill material


The underside of the sheet should be torched just enough to superficially melt the bitumen. Excessive heating may damage the reinforcement. The sheets can be installed butting the sides together. On vertical surfaces the material should be temporarily held in place or fixed with an adhesive such as Bituflash with the waterproofing membrane.


Bitumat was founded in 1984 but its roots go back to 1975 when the founders became involved in the roofing waterproofing industry as dealer and applicator in Saudi Arabia for a major manufacturer from the U.S.A.

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